So What ?!?
Via Ettore Giovenale, 56, 00176 Roma Roma, RM Italy
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So What ?!?

Via Ettore Giovenale, 56
00176 Roma

Ristorante Vegan Vegan
Lauren Gayden
Such a beautiful, quaint, and welcoming space. The food was exquisite, I've never been to Italy, but my dining companion said the first bite took her straight back to dining in a small village in Italy. The seafood soup was divine and the cannolis were the best I've ever eaten. Bless the chef who's creating such authentic and amazing dining experiences.
2 mesi fa
Farriya Bilquis Chowdhury
Great food and hospitality. It’s a perfect date night spot although it’s a little crowded inside. But the food is great! I always wanted to try the chocolate infused fettuccine and they had it.
9 mesi fa
Steve Winter
My wife and I had our anniversary dinner at Roma's last night and it was incredible. Shannon and his team went above and beyond to make it special and we had a fantastic time and the food was perfect. I cannot recommend Roma enough and want to thank Shannon for his extra attention to make it a great anniversary dinner.
3 mesi fa
Kat Spofford
Great service, loved the staff! The food was rich and delicious. Octopus salad was lemony, pasta was fresh, and veal was tender.
un anno fa
Ferran Prat
The place is wonderful, the service is impeccable... so many good things about this place... yet the food always comes up short. Sometimes the fish is overcooked, sometimes the risotto is undercooked... I always end up a bit disappointed. Competition in Houston is fierce - especially for Italian restaurants. Would love to see Roma stepping it up.
2 mesi fa