Orteria osteria vegana Green Corner
Via Borgo Adda 1 Lodi, CO Italy
370 316 1099
4.7 250

Orteria osteria vegana Green Corner

Via Borgo Adda 1
Lodi (Como)

Ristorante Vegan Vegan
Nicholas Romano
Really charming place to enjoy some coffee. Had mine with a few drops of CBD oil (for extra $1). Scones were delicious. Can shop for vegan / other products (soaps, toys made from recycled plastic, farming/food books, salsa, etc.). Staff super nice and helpful when asking about some of their less conventional products that probably wouldn't find in typical grocery stores. Cool place!
un anno fa
atina 90
Support Local! Stong Tea. Adorable little environmental and health conscious gift store with a tea bar. Perfect for me! They have items from eggs to mineral sunblock. I love green, white and floral tea and drink it hot or iced almost every day so I was in heaven to see the varieties for unsweeten iced tea. Unsweet tea is hard to find in Arkansas. Mine was Lavendar tea which was much much stronger than what I normally drink but the ice helped water it down a bit. The only reason why it is not 5 stars. Now I know where to go if I am looking for a healthy products while supporting a locally owned business.
11 mesi fa
Jeremy Rhodes
Love this store! It's the first place I think of when buying gifts. They have all the local products you need including some food items like cheese, hummus and ice cream!
3 anni fa
Stephanie W
Great owner and staff, love dropping in and shopping here, now they have tea!!!
2 anni fa
Rosario Jasminoy
A cute little store selling natural products with an ice cream parlor inside it.
3 anni fa

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