Geo Eco Store
Gastronomia / Market
Via Buoso da Dovara 35, 26100 Cremona, CR Italy
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Geo Eco Store

Via Buoso da Dovara 35
26100 Cremona

Gastronomia / Market Vegan Vegan
Thomas Cleary
Cute and funky and friendly. Local taos scene
6 mesi fa
Leanne Arvila
Cool little shop featuring upcycled and handmade stuff, along with solar accessories, toys, etc. The owner, Sara, organizes Taos First Fridays to help out artists and the shops in the area
10 mesi fa
Polina Fateeva
Awesome products from recycled/reused material. The owner is lovely, and recommended an awesome leash for our new pup made from a bicycle tire, complete with a bottle opener - incredibly durable! And cheaper than high quality leashes elsewhere in town.
2 anni fa
Steve Duffy
The owner is super nice and she curates a great selection of items for her store.
2 anni fa
Demetria Thrasher Scott
I go here everytime we visit Taos
un anno fa