Bar / Locale / Pub
Via Monte Rosa 11, 70022 Altamura, BA Italy
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Vegan friendly


Via Monte Rosa 11
70022 Altamura (Bari)

Bar / Locale / Pub Vegan friendly Vegan friendly
Giancarlo Girondi
Pizza deliziosa, come quella italiana. Il negozio vende anche altri prodotti provenienti dall'Italia. Uno dei pochi che vende prodotti originali italiani!
2 anni fa
Kristin Lothrop
This is a must try. We have stopped in here few times to pick up ingredients for make your own pizza night. (See final result pictured) Their products are fresh and authentic. In addition to their awesome menu - everyone is always so sweet and eager to serve. A true definition of a family owned/run business. Can’t wait to get back and try so much more!
4 mesi fa
Casen Davenport
This site is my favorite site. Of all restaurants I know I like it most. I always suggests to my friends to go to that place. Whenever I want to go to a delicious lunchon, this is the place that comes right away to my head. very good and all sorts of food and a rich cuisine.trained crew, and agreeable mood. Not less important, the cost is reasonable. I praise this restaurant with no hesitation.
2 mesi fa
Edward McEntire
I celebrated my nomination this evening in this gorgeous place. happy to tell that we passed a brilliant evening and the restaurant was clearly one of the reasons for this successful evening. The stuff collaborated in a gorgeous manner, the food was tasty and my buddies were very pleased. We shall absolutely return for more celebrations. Thank you very much.
3 mesi fa
Fit Force Training Instagram: Mist_is_fit_at_41
The pizza! The people! All wonderful. I get my pizza fix here, and during these times, they ran out and delivered it to my car. Deelish, all natural ingredients. Highly recommend.
un mese fa