America Graffiti diner
Paninoteca / Burgheria / Street Food
Via Trieste, 9 33044 Manzano, UD Italy
3.5 250
Vegan friendly

America Graffiti diner

Via Trieste, 9
33044 Manzano (Udine)

Paninoteca / Burgheria / Street Food Vegan friendly Vegan friendly
Kurtis S
Super good food. We had the shakes, bacon cheeseburger, and chicken tenders. They were all warm and delicious. I took away 1 star just because the pick up system is weird. You stand in a group in your “line”. Your drinks come first and then a while later your food. So you are standing awkwardly in their crowd holding your drinks waiting for your food. More and more people come to the front for their drinks so you get pushed back. Then your food comes up and you have to push back to the front.
3 mesi fa
Anna Leal
We had an amazing night here. This is a nice restaurant and very crowded. The atmosphere takes you to another time. The delicious food and good drinks are also worth trying. Once the dinner is over, the party goes on and everybody is dancing. It was a great experience!
2 mesi fa
William Su
A good spot for an easy and quick meal. The fare there is simple including burgers, fries and milkshakes. The food there tastes pretty good and the building is centrally located within the park and is based of a 80’s diner. Building looks especially beautiful at night with the neon lights on.
un anno fa
Good food! The service for us was actually faster than expected since it was extremely crowded. The decor is what I really liked. It's 50s themed and looks cool.
3 mesi fa
Rexstick Adventures
Wonderful atmosphere and the shakes and root beer floats are amazing also😊😊😊🍓
3 mesi fa