Alhambra Cafè
Bar / Locale / Pub
Via Tadino, 17, 20124 Milano, MI Italy
4.4 250

Alhambra Cafè

Via Tadino, 17
20124 Milano

Bar / Locale / Pub Vegan Vegan
Amanda Ratliff
Great Food and Excellent Service! The Owner was so Sweet! We had a chance to meet him and he went above and beyond my expectations for my family! Service was awesome All around we had a fantastic experience there.
2 mesi fa
Paula White
amazing restaurant! I can say enough on how great the food is and the friendly staff. Visited last night with a group of friends from my office they were fasting to my surprise Alhambra had an open buffet with great choices, colorful foods that tasted heavenly all my large party enjoyed it and service was superb. The buffet was $19.99 which I think is very reasonable considering what they serve on it. I highly recommend this restaurant.
3 mesi fa
Miranda Paris
Got a message on social media about this place, my family and I decided to give it a try and were very happy to find this Moroccan restaurant! beautiful classy space perfect for groups, romantic dinners and family gatherings! the food was mesmerizing, I was latterly lost in the flavors ! I can' t get enough of this place. I will recommend to all my friends..
2 mesi fa
sayed nacir
We love this cafe, myself and all my friends feel that it' s by far the best cafe in the area with all the competition that' s out there. it' s the spot to be! we always get treated very well, service is on point and food I can' t describe how tasteful it is and how well put together it takes you to another space while you are still in Houston. I can' t thank Alhambra enough for what they have accomplished for all of us. We love you Alhambra
3 mesi fa
Rafika Amina
Alhambra is a unique restaurant in the city. We did not eat here, only had drinks and desserts at. They have dinning area, but also cute little couches in a covered area to sit and enjoy your drinks. We had the Moroccan tea and a mango (or maybe peach, can't remember) smoothie. The restaurant was completely full. I was actually very surprised about that... When we walked in and asked if we could be seated for drinks and desserts they asked if we had a reservation which I thought it was very professional Our service was good and fast. Parking was great with plenty of spots and a security guard patrolling all night. Amazing place I will make it my regular hang out place.
3 mesi fa